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Do you have an anxious patient who wants to be asleep and you need an anesthesia provider? Are you a surgeon providing complex treatment where you want to focus on the surgery alone? Mobile Dental Anesthesiology is here to support your practice whenever you need us and provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

Why Providers Rely On Us

Why Other Dental Providers Rely On Mobile Dental Anesthesiology

(And Maybe You Should Too)

At Mobile Dental Anesthesiology, we understand the challenges of running your dental practice successfully. It probably seems like you’re always struggling between choosing the most cost-effective solution for your patients, paying your bills, and attracting new patients. Fortunately, there’s good news too. Mobile Dental Anesthesiology helps you provide better and more complex procedure options for your patients. Our services will exceed your highest expectations for dental anesthesiology and enhance your patient’s experience during and after their dental procedure.

Partnering with Mobile Dental Anesthesiology allows you to expand your practice and patient list, diversify into new services you’re currently unable to offer, and save time while performing your procedures. Combined, this helps your practice’s profitability.

If you have a patient that requires anesthesia due to extreme anxiety or fear of the dental operation - don’t send them to another dentist! Mobile Dental Anesthesiology offers you a unique opportunity to offer on-call anesthesiologist services for your patient’s dental procedure “in-house” instead of relying on a hospital or ambulatory centre.

Our staff administers anesthesia to your patients in a professional and efficient manner, taking the responsibility off your hands so you can focus on providing dental treatment. We care for your patients from the waiting room through to the end of sedation. From your patient’s perspective, we’re just like members of your staff.

Mobile Dental Anesthesiology employees are trained in the highest standard of dental patient care. They are skilled in helping patients with anxiety, caring for the elderly, and patients with special needs. Our staff has extensive experience working with kids and their parents. We believe that great patient care is about building trusting relationships between the provider and the patient, and we are devoted to fulfilling our duty – making your business more versatile and customer-oriented.

Mobile Dental Anesthesiology specializes in a wide variety of dental procedures that often require anesthesia. By allowing us to provide general anesthesia and/or sedation, you can concentrate 100% on the procedure(s) thus eliminating the worry of an uncomfortable or unplanned patient problem. Our staff is equipped with state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment, and we supply all the anesthesia products and resuscitation equipment that could be required during your procedures.

Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s professionals are certified by the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology, the highest level of credentialing achievable in the profession.

You’ll Love How We Can Help Your Practice

Perhaps you’re thinking - I’ve never needed an anesthesiologist before, why would I need one now? And that’s a fair question. Here’s why:


Unmatched Customer Service

If you want to be known as a dentist that goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction, you need to contact Mobile Dental Anesthesiology. Our business is devoted to making patients feel safe and comfortable. We do this by eliminating the anxiety and fear that’s often associated with dental procedures and walk your patients through every step of the process. It is our goal to mimic the "vibe" of your office providing congruence of patient experience at your location – we are experts in reducing patient’s stress during the entire visit. Moreover, we follow up with your patient after their dental operation to check on their health and collect feedback on how to improve our service.

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Mobile Dental Anesthesiology treats your patients like our own. Our professionals utilize anesthetic agents proven to minimize side effects like nausea and vomiting. Mobile Dental Anesthesiology is devoted to safety and maximum patient satisfaction with their sedation experience – we take full responsibility and control of the anesthesia, from the waiting room until they leave your dental office.

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The Addition Of Services Offered To Your Patients

Mobile Dental Anesthesiology offers anesthesia and sedation services in your dental office. We offer mask induction for patients that are afraid of needles or have special needs and we can anesthesia once the patient is scheduled. No wasting your practice’s time or resources, our professionals supervise the patient ahead of, during, and after the procedure(s). We guarantee that our services are planned and performed efficiently.provide sedation with a secured airway or open airway based on provider and patient experience. In addition, we are one of the few mobile anesthesiologists that offer anesthesia mask induction for kids.

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On-demand, flexible schedule

Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s devotion to mobility and customer convenience allows us to be at your office when you need us. Mobile Dental Anesthesiology coordinates everything related to the anesthesia once the patient is scheduled. No wasting your practice’s time or resources, our professionals supervise the patient ahead of, during, and after the procedure(s). We guarantee that our services are planned and performed efficiently.

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No Expensive Anesthesiology Equipment To Buy

Our staff is equipped with all the necessary devices to administer anesthesia or to solve other sedation-related tasks if the need arises.


Lower Costs For Your Patients

No need for bringing your patient to a hospital to administer sedation. With Mobile Dental Anesthesiology you can perform virtually all procedures right in your operatory.


Familiarity With Dental Practices

Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s staff is familiar with patient care in a dentist's office.


Expert Credentials

Our founder and practitioner, David Pfeffer is a certified Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and highly qualified dental anesthesiologist. Dr. Pfeffer is a clinical assistant professor in the Departments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Divisions of Hospital Dentistry and Dental Anesthesiology at the Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. Similar to Dr. Pfeffer, Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s nurses are all trained in dental anesthesiology.

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What Other Dentists Say About Us

Because of our devotion to patient care while under anesthesia, we have the pleasure of collecting multiple positive testimonies from our dental partners. Please feel free to read these and see for yourself how Mobile Dental Anesthesiology can benefit your practice.

"I have worked with Dr. Pfeffer and the mobile Dental anesthesia team for many of my patients. Dr. Pfeffer is very professional and easy to work with. He is a very skilled anesthesiologist whom I would trust with my own children. He is thorough, prepared, experienced, and is sensitive to every patient's specific needs. His calm demeanor alone could put you to sleep. Dr. Pfeffer goes above and beyond for patient care. He makes himself available before and after procedures to prepare and check in with his patients. The trained nurses at mobile dental anesthesia are always a pleasure to work with. They ensure patient comfort and safety. From children to adults to those with special Healthcare needs, Dr Pfeffer and the mobile dental anesthesia team make the process simple and smooth. I can think of no better provider to assist in the safe delivery of Healthcare procedures than Dr Pfeffer and his team."

Yehuda Marciano, DDS

Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Five Towns Pediatric Dentistry

Clinical Assistant Professor

Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine


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