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Perhaps you have a fear of the dentist because of a painful or unpleasant past experience OR you’re facing an extended amount of time in your dentist’s office for a particularly long procedure?

Whether for these reasons or any other, Mobile Dental Anesthesiology can provide you with a dental experience that’s safe, comfortable and pain-free. Click the table below to learn more.

Patient Needs

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Patient Needs

Does the idea of visiting your dentist make you or any member of your family “uncomfortable”?

If so, you’ll be glad you’ve found Mobile Dental Anesthesiology because we can provide you (and your family members) with a completely stress-free experience at your dentist's office. Our highly trained staff can provide you with an option for gentle sedation right up to full anesthesia for your dental procedure. We provide you with complete details of what we’ll be doing before your procedure so you can be assured of a comfortable experience from the moment you enter your dental office right through to heading home after the procedure is done.

If you’re concerned about safety, Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s anesthesiologist supervision is very similar to the supervision you would receive at a hospital. We are sedation and anesthesiology experts with a long history of providing anesthesia services for practitioners in private offices for their dental patients. For your safety, we utilize anesthetic agents proven to minimize side effects like nausea and vomiting. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your visit to your dentist is a pleasant one.

Additionally, we even contact you after your procedure to ensure that you’re happy with the experience you had because your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We’re 100% committed to your comfort and safety and that’s why all Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s anesthesiologists are certified ADBA (American Dental Board of Anesthesiologists) which is the highest level of achievement in our field. Our staff is highly trained and undergoes constant training to ensure the highest competence in dental anesthesia practice and emergency care.

Do One Of These Profiles Describe You?

  • Often a dental procedure on a child comes with a lot of stress and fear - both for you and your child. This can become even worse if the dental procedure requires multiple lengthy visits to your dentist’s office or if your child has a hard time cooperating in the dental chair. If either of these is the case, Mobile Dental Anesthesiology can offer solutions to help you and your child have the dental work completed in a way that is pain-free and safe. But even if the child is comfortable in a dentist’s chair – often dental visits are very tiring to children. Mobile Dental Anesthesiology offers safe and comfortable anesthesia and sedation options to help make your child’s dental visit pain-free, stress-free, and safe.
  • Mobile Dental Anesthesiology staff is trained to work with clients of special needs and elderly patients. We ensure that the patient is in a safe environment, using a combination of communication and accommodating medical techniques throughout the whole procedure. We offer mask dispersion, needleless anesthesia, open/secured airway (breathing tube) sedation and more.
  • If you experience anxiety when going to the dentist or simply don’t want to feel any pain or discomfort– we’ve got you covered! Or, if you prefer to have more work done at one time instead of making multiple visits to your dentist’s office, we have options for you as well! Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s anesthesia and sedation options guarantee virtually zero discomfort during your dental visits. You’ll be in a relaxed environment from the start of the sedation until the end of your dental visit. We have multiple anesthesia options available to you from mild sedation to general anesthesia – all of these can be administered in the form that is preferred by you or your dental practitioner. So whether you have "dental anxiety" or just want to reduce the number of visits to your dentist, we have options for you.

What To Expect

Personalized Service
We understand that being under sedation can feel like you’re giving up control. That is why we provide you with complete disclosure of how your sedation will be administered. We will educate you on what you will be feeling before, during, and after your sedation so we can customize your sedation experience and choose the most comfortable option that will suit your needs. Your practitioner will also contribute so you can get the best anesthesia for your individual health requirements and preferences. No surprises here.

Anxiety-free, relaxing, and comfortable
Your comfort during your dental procedure is our #1 concern. That is why great patient care starts in the waiting room when you arrive. We will chat and spend time with you, answering all your questions while preparing for your sedation. Remember, you will never be alone while in Mobile Dental Anesthesiology’s care. No pressure and no judgement - you will go through your procedure at your own pace.


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Of course, we’re going to tell you about all the really great things we do here at Mobile Dental Anesthesiology. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients share about using our services.